You can Search the the approvals given by the department, under section 30 of the Town & Country planning act. In order to do so, you should be able to know at least one of the following:

  • Name of the applicant or atleast first few alphabets of his name
  • Village name
  • Khasra Number
  • Dispatch Date

As soon as you will click at "Search Record" A menu will appear exactly as given under:


There are three buttons and a rectangular space for Key word in first row. You have to click on desired button of your choice and write the Key Word of name of Applicant or name of village or Khasra number, as per your choice, then click on Search. You will see the desired information.

If you want to search by date just click on the calender icon and set the year, month and Date. To set the Month and year there are drop down menu and date you have to simply click.

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